Carolien Cobbaert

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Welcome to C-Target's website, I am Carolien Cobbaert, and I would like to introduce myself!


With a background as a pharmacist and more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, I have made a journey through different facets of this industry. My career began in the pharmacy, where I developed a deep understanding of medication, healthcare and the importance of personalised patient care. This experience helped me understand the value of personal interactions and empathy in healthcare, which would later play a crucial role in my professional development.


After my time in pharmacy, I decided to broaden my horizons and spent several years as a buyer in the pharmaceutical industry. This role allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the business side of the pharmaceutical world and the importance of strategic decision-making.


I then moved into leadership positions as business unit director and operations director. Here, I was able to put my passion for leadership development into practice and inspire teams to reach their full potential. Developing people skills, managing stress, and creating a collaborative environment are some of the core issues I focus on in my leadership.


As a dedicated professional, I am constantly working on my own growth and development. I believe it is important to keep learning and evolving in this ever-changing industry. My pursuit of knowledge and improvement has allowed me to develop valuable insights and skills that I enjoy sharing with others.


I look forward to working with you, whether to improve your personal skills and self-awareness, optimise your team or strengthen your leadership capabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to discuss your specific needs.


Carolien Cobbaert

+32 486/16.93.97

Ivan Clycq

Discover who I am

My name is Ivan Clycq and below you will find my professional track record and also the reason why I started this adventure with Carolien.


During my career, I have gone through many phases and functions, which eventually made me responsible as Commercial & Marketing Director for the entire department in the BELUX region. This allowed me to take part in decisions to achieve strategic results while also focusing on the human capital in the company. 


After more than 23 years of experience and training in Sales, Marketing, Management, Coaching and Communication in the pharmaceutical industry, the time had come to put this accumulated expertise to the benefit of others in order to share it further. 


The reason for this is that during my career, I have noticed more and more that organisations and people are under heavy pressure in this competitive world.  We can sometimes lose ourselves in all this busyness and stress both professionally and privately. This does not always result in making the most thoughtful decisions and generally does not lead to achieving the optimal result. And that is precisely where I would like to contribute to go for it with a clear goal so that everyone stays motivated and resilient or gets it back.  A company where all people say, we're going for it as a team!


I am often described as an energetic and enthusiastic person, always willing to find solutions and help and motivate people. Furthermore, I have gradually discovered my passion for networking and giving presentations and training courses. And I certainly also go by the principle of continuous learning myself, something essential for personal development in this VUCA world. 


Would you like to meet me and go for solutions in your business? Then feel free to get in touch


Ivan Clycq 

+32 474/28.29.83

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