Wellbeing counselling, team building & burn-out prevention

Boost your well-being, strengthen yourself and your team

Welcome to C-Target, your guide to wellbeing and resilience. In a world in constant flux, finding the balance between work, life and mental health is essential. We are here to support your employees and help your organisation thrive.

Our services

Wellbeing counselling

Our counsellors are there to support individuals in managing stress, developing coping strategies and finding balance in their lives.


  • Self-insight and personal development
  • Conflict management
  • Communication improvement

Burnout Prevention

We understand the impact of burnout on both individuals and organisations. Our preventive programmes focus on recognising warning signs, promoting healthy work practices and cultivating a positive work culture.

Team building

At C-Target, we believe in team building with a purpose. With our tailor-made team-building programmes, we create inspiring and enriching experiences that enhance cooperation, communication and motivation within your team.

Our mission

At C-Target, we believe well-being is much more than just the absence of problems. It is about cultivating positive habits, building resilience and creating an environment where individuals can flourish.



Our Approach

At C-Target, we believe that well-being at work is crucial for several reasons, as it has a positive impact on both individual employees and the organisation as a whole. 

We focus on self-insight and personal development, conflict management, change management, communication improvement. This can be done through individual sessions, team sessions or through team building. We work with you to find solutions that fit your corporate culture.



Together towards a Thriving Future

When your employees thrive, your organisation thrives. Our commitment to wellbeing and prevention empowers your team to be resilient and give their best.



Let's Get Started

Discover how C-Target can transform your organisation. Contact us today for a discussion on how we can help you foster a culture of wellbeing and resilience.

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